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  • About the Site

    Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) is a Moodle learning management system website founded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch (see LinkedIn), an experienced campus-based and blended learning teacher in 2006. Check her Youtube channel for more. 

    Dr. Deutsch founded the initiative in 2006 to offer educators and other professionals with online courses such as academic writing courses including MA thesis and doctoral dissertations, Moodle training for admin, and a platform for anyone to teach their very own courses by renting space to develop and teach tuition-based courses with full support. 

    Click on the "Log in" at the top right to access the social networks. Click one one to create a new account and "Sign in with" each time. Use the "Please leave a message" for questions. 

Available courses

Academic Writing

Doctoral Dissertation Writing with a Coach

Doctoral Dissertation Writing (DDW) is a 12-unit hands-on or self-paced instructor-led workshop to ...

Academic Writing

Advanced Academic Writing Course with a Coach

This is an advanced academic self-paced instructor-led on one full article. The emphasis of the cou...

Academic Writing

Basic Academic Writing with a Coach

This is a basic academic self-paced instructor-led writing course. The emphasis of the course is on...

Moodle Training

Moodle for Teachers Admin Basic Level

Moodle for Teachers Admin Basic Level (M4TABL) is a 4-week online workshop for anyone who wishes to ...

Moodle Training

Moodle for Administrators

About the Workshop Moodle for Administrators (M4A) is an instructor-led self-paced workshop for any...


Speak Japanese Online with a Coach

You will speak Japanese online with a professional Japanese language coach by your side. Only you an...


Elementary Japanese I

Elementary Japanese I (JAPN G111) is an annual 8-week course. Participants of the course will study ...

How to Teach English

TESOL Online

TESOL online is self-paced with a coach by your side. This is a practical course for teachers who wi...

Online Academy

Hosting a Course Learning Management System

Teaching online is very rewarding, especially when you're in charge of your very own courses. The s...

Online Academy

Teach Your Own Course

Teaching online is very rewarding, especially when you're in charge of your very own course. However...

Online Academy

Teaching Online Services

Teaching online is very rewarding, especially when you're in charge of your very own course. Subsc...


Total Life Management Training™

Total Life Management Training™ is a practical one-on-one online well-being coaching to develop an...


Skills to Cope with Test Taking Anxiety

This is a self-paced course with Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced educator, as your coach. Develop...


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How to Create New Courses

How to Design a Moodle Course

How to design and develop your very own online Moodle course.