Instill a Love of Reading…

This five week course will teach you how to get your students engaged, excited and motivated to read books and learn English. Participants will examine and practice the art of storytelling in storybook reading. We will discuss the use of different types of storybooks, not just picture books. You will learn tips and tricks to use to keep your students excited and engaged. This will increase the student's memory and listening capacity which will augment the learning and retention of grammar, syntax, story structure and vocabulary. Participants will be video documenting their work for individual critiques and individually creating a Storybook Video for their own use in the classroom using their own images with text or a printed copy or online book. This course is aimed at all teachers of English, to all ages, as well as all Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Included in the course:

  • Five 40-minute LIVE webinars with Q&A sessions to get all your questions answered
  • Access to recordings in case you need to watch again
  • Access to important links and guides
  • Individual feedback and critiques of work.
  • The creation of your own Storybook video.
  • Cool badges and a certificate upon completion of work.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Teacher training for TESOL  course will focus on teaching English as a foreign language to speakers of other languages. The course will include curriculum development, syllabus design, course instructional design, engaging activities, teaching and learning with technology, assessment, and class management. Participants, who complete the course requirements, will receive a certificate. 

For further information, please access the course syllabus

Skill Level: Beginner

TESOL is a self-paced practical course with one-on-one coaching and support for teachers who wish to teach English as a foreign, second, and native language. Teachers will learn about teaching techniques for the 4 language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking and practice the techniques in the course practice area by creating lessons. They will plan lessons and learn how to manage their classes. 

The course caters to teachers of all ages groups from K-12, higher education, and adults at private and public organizations for all content areas, but specifically for TESOL or TEFL. 

Skill Level: Beginner

TESOL online is self-paced with a coach by your side. This is a practical course for teachers who wish to teach English to speakers of other language online and face-to-face using technology. Teachers will learn about teaching techniques for the 4 language skills and then practice the techniques in the course practice area by creating lessons. Dr. Nellie Deutsch will provide ongoing support. At the end of the course, participants, who qualify, will be able to take the TESOL Online Certified Course and receive a certificate from a university in California, USA. For further information, please access and download the syllabus

Skill Level: Beginner